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From: Bryce

RE: 8oz Survival Cup
I started using this cup about 6 months ago... and I've never gone back to 'traditional' survival cups since! 

Let me tell you - this is now my 'go-to' cup for boiling water, drinking, collecting wild edibles and much more.
First... I want to talk about the boiling water part... 

Traditional canteens are bulky... I was able to conserve so much space in my pack by not carrying a metal canteen for distilling water. This cup collapses down for easy storage and I even cary fire starting equipment inside it when i'm on the move.

Is the Drinking part of the cup... 

Keep in mind - This is an 8oz cup..

Last year my team and I went to Amazon to look for something similar and the best we could find was a 2oz cup that was the same size as a shot glass.

We then decided we needed to up the size to something a real outdoorsman could use. 

As a group, we tested this in the field..

Many people even made side comments on how they were able shove more snacks in their pack because of how little space it took up...!

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Once everyone had finished the trip we sat down and discussed what we would change about it...

What happened next was absolutely stunning!

We came to the conclusion that this is not just a survival cup. This is something that can be used all day.

We thought it would be great if we added a belt clip for it so we'd be able to carry it on our hip where ever we go. 

As a group - we came to the conclusion that we will always keep this in our go-bag to save space and have a way of getting fresh/clean water.

Make the switch today from carrying a bulky canteen to something more portable and practical like this 8oz Survival Cup!
...but, don't take our word for it!
Make sure to send in Video and Pictures after using your cup... and I'll be sure to post them to the NGOA & Buyers Club Facebook Fan Page!

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